At The London Magazine, we believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to have their voices heard. Whether you are studying writing at school, college or university, or you just want to show off something that you have written in your spare time, this platform is designed to give exceptional young writers a platform to demonstrate their work. TLM Young Writers is a place where you can submit the pieces you are most proud of and have the chance to see them published online.

Submissions are open to those aged 13 to 21, writing anything from poetry to short fiction, travel and reviews. For inspiration and to see published work, please see our adult online writing section:

Please note, we are unable to accept and reply to all submissions that we receive. If we are interested in publishing your work, we will contact you directly. Upon sending your work, you will automatically approve to having it shared on our website and social media channels. For further information, please contact:

Submission Guidelines:

Non-Fiction pieces should be between 800 and 2,000 words.

For Short Fiction, above all we look for style, structure and characterisation. We are open to both experimental and traditional forms, although we do not normally publish genre fiction such as science fiction or fantasy writing. Please make sure they are no more than 4,000 words in length.

Poetry should display a commitment to the ultra-specificities of language, and show a refined sense of simile and metaphor. The structure should be tight and exact. Poems should be no longer than 40 lines.

Please do expect accepted pieces to be edited, although we will always contact you regarding this and try to work with you to ensure you are happy with the final product before it gets posted to the website.


If your work is ready for submission and to be reviewed by our team, please email this to

Please do not duplicate submissions
Please ensure you put your name, age, and details of your piece, including the title, in the email or the submission document, and if you are submitting in connection with your school, please include the name of this also
Please submit documents in an editable format, such as Word, so that the editors are able to rework the pieces where necessary


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