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Essay | The Secret Earth by Charlotte Stroud

‘It is for this reason that I never go to my field at this time of day but wait instead until I can be alone. Only then, in my experience, will it show me a secret.’

Charlotte Stroud on the secrets of the countryside.

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Poetry by Rachel Bower, George Murray, Niall Campbell, Matthew Francis, Rowan Ricardo Phillips, Mary Noonan, Ivars Šteinbergs, Will Pittam, John Kinsella, Hugh Dunkerley, Gabrielle Tse, Venessa Lampert, Pip Osmund- Williams and Sasja Janssen Short Fiction by Sheila Armstrong, Ed Cottrell, Richie Jones and Kieran Wyatt Featuring: Charlotte Stroud on The Secrets of the Countryside Amy K Grandvoinet on de Chirico’s…



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