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Poetry | It’s About Time by Michael Bazzett

‘I’d rather let roots slip between my ribs / and knit these bones into the black soil / to keep them still and ease what restlessness/ might remain.’

New poetry by Michael Bazzett.

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Interview | Charlotte Hopkins Hall: Forever Entangled in a Causal Loop


‘As an artist, I’m an observer. My role is to alert and call to attention, not write policy. My sensibility is such that I experience the world intensely and recreate it in a visual form. But to try and answer this impossible question, one of such complexity, rooted in history and human avarice, a plan of correction would take time, which we don’t have, and a concerted effort, which we don’t have.’

Charlotte Hopkins Hall on her forthcoming show at Gallery 46.

Fiction | That Time After Dinner by Jago Rackham


‘“It’s your birthday tomorrow,” said my mother. “Did you know the Jesuits say ‘Give me a child before the age of seven and he’ll be mine forever?’” “Who are the Jesuits?” “Priests.” “Oh.” She tousled my hair. “Thank god you’ve met none.”’

New fiction by Jago Rackham.


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