1. Writing

Fiction | Flamboyant by Patrick Cash


‘He wondered if it became, at some point, too late to reclaim who you want to be. Maybe some people are just Frankenstein’s personalities, stitched together through the limbs of borrowed traits.’

New fiction by Patrick Cash.

Poetry | Punctum by Lisa Kelly


‘If all the protesters were smiling serenely, / would a scowling woman become / the punctum? Or is a scowling woman / too much of a cliché to be a punctum?’

New poetry by Lisa Kelly.

Interview | Andrea Khôra on RAPTURE by Eric Block


‘I see the role of the artist to be nuanced. While exploring big ideas is one role an artist can take, I find myself hoping to create art that lets the complexity of situations exist within the work.’

Eric Block speaks to Andrea Khôra about her new film, RAPTURE.

Review | Absence by Nicola Healey


‘It is a book that engages thought and ideas more than feeling; this is poetry as extreme metaphysical sport.’

Nicola Healey reviews Ali Lewis’s Absence.

Review | Biba: A Legacy Lost and Found by Deborah Nash


‘As our high streets struggle to survive changing shopping habits, brought by the pandemic, the rising cost of living and online purchasing, perhaps we need to revisit Biba’s spirit of playfulness, optimism and laughter – an opportunity unfortunately missed by this show.’

Deborah Nash on The Biba Story at The Fashion and Textile Museum.

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