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Poetry | Translated Love Letters by Andrew McMillan

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from Norwegian / oh love, doesn’t the fact that the world is so big, / laid out like ripe fruit / make you want to stay? / from Arabic / how I long to cleanse you / in the waters of the Tigris / how I long, as though you were a small and / priceless artefact, / to take you in my arms / from Ant-speak / I will carry you carry you / through legions of grass / protect you from the thumb, / the sole; the eager-feathered bird / will not swoop for you / from American / love is just love, and I’m in it / for the ride, o.k.?
that tells me just exactly

Poetry | Full Fathom Five by Sylvia Plath


Old man, you surface seldom. / Then you come in with the tide’s coming / When seas wash cold, foam- / Capped: white hair, white beard, far-flung, / A dragnet, rising, falling, as waves / Crest and trough. Miles long […]

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