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Joe Machine:
Unseen Spring

The London Magazine is delighted to host a virtual exhibition of Joe Machine’s new paintings. The series comprises motifs of spring and his iconic animal figures, such as the magpie and the fox. As ever with Joe’s painting the work draws the viewer into a mythically charged landscape. Yet these are delicate, quiet and hopeful paintings.

To view the paintings, click on the mosaic images below. The paintings are available to buy on request from the artist – to do so, fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page. London Magazine subscribers will receive a discount and a percentage of all sales (10%) will be donated to the NHS.

‘Joe Machine’s new collection has a quietly mesmeric tone at a time when many of us have become transfixed by stark pandemic thoughts,’ comments Steven O’Brien, editor of The London Magazine. ‘These paintings offer us consolation in the depiction of elements of the British landscape that we all know, or at least think we know. They teem with a vital sense of life continuing and renewing. 

‘That a percentage of all sales will go to the NHS is an excellent gesture. It shows that Joe Machine places his work within the compass of common weal. Once more, Joe has furthered his desire to contribute to the matter of Britain.’    


Joe Machine is a world-renowned artist and illustrator described by legendary art critic Edward Lucie Smith as being the successor to Francis Bacon and William Blake.

He is a founder member of the Stuckist Art Group and has exhibited his work nationally and internationally. He has illustrated two volumes of poetry by Edward Lucie Smith, Making for the Exit and Surviving.

‘Unseen Spring’ is a series of paintings based upon Machine’s copious notes, sketches and photographs drawn from his excursions into the English countryside to capture the spirit of nature, the beauty of the seasons and the wildlife found there.

He has also illustrated Britannic Myths by Dr Steven O’Brien, whom he is collaborating with on a new book and exhibition based on myths from the Arthurian Cycle. He is currently working with master mythographer John Matthews on a series of paintings for the Beowulf Oracle.

Joe Machine lives in Somerset, England with his wife and children.

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