The Colombian Issue: Spanish-language edition


Spanish-language edition of the Colombia Issue, guest-edited by Ella Windsor and featuring the finest in Colombian literary talent.

Poetry by Tania Ganitsky, Yirama Castaño Güiza, Piedad Bonnett, Rómulo Bustos Aguirre, Samuel Vásquez and Alfredo Vanín Romero

Short Fiction by Sara Jaramillo Klinkert, J. J. Junieles, Velia Vidal Romero, Margarita García Robayo, Humberto Ballesteros, Carolina Sanín and Cristina Bendek

Essays and other non-fiction by Zac Goldsmith, Damian Elwes, Rodrigo García, Keratuma Domicó, Jaime Abello Banfi and Orlando Oliveros 

Plus artwork by Pedro Ruiz

In order to buy copies in Colombia, please visit Libreria Nacional or purchase online via:

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