British painter From the 12th of November, BP Portrait Award 2018 nominee Phoebe Dickinson will unveil her new exhibition “Journey Through Landscape”, a new collection of urban and pastoral works which will be on display at the Tessa Packard Showroom in Chelsea until the 14th of December. The works were created during and inspired by her year of global travel, and represent a shift in the artist’s focus, having become well known for her portraiture style, similar to the late 19th-century American masters, such as John Singer Sargent.

The show will present over 100 figurative plein air paintings (works painted outdoors), which range from earthly paradises to pastoral atmosphere. A new development in her work, Dickinson began painting outdoors as a means of escaping the confines of the studio, but soon discovered that her surroundings began inspiring a new range of glows and atmospheres in her painting, as well as leading her to use a wider range of canvas sizes. The show is presented in a salon style hang, moving away from the archetypal white cube that has become so principal in the contemporary art scene.

The paintings in “Journey Through Landscape” depict cold Icelandic winter scenes of the northern lights in tandem with dreamy atmospheric views of California, alongside medieval Florence. Although her paintings are classically informed, the oil paint and brief strokes give her paintings an abstract, expressionistic impression, and we can’t wait to see them in person.

November 12 – December 14, 2018 Tessa Packard Showroom: 15A Ives Street, London, SW3 2ND.

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