On November 2nd 2017 The London Magazine celebrated the winners of the Poetry Prize 2017 with a drinks reception held at Collyer Bristow Gallery. The prizes were presented by Grey Gowrie (Special Editorial Advisor for the London Magazine) and Steven O’Brien (Editor of The London Magazine).

Champagne flowed as Steven O’Brien gave a speech praising the winners, quoting E.E. Cummings: “Poetry is the only thing that matters”. A reading of the winning poems created a hush in the gallery; poignant, beautiful and received with much applause and praise for the poets who read incredibly well. Grey Gowrie followed with a speech admiring the first-place poem in particular, Mother Moor, and told a delightfully fitting poetry-themed anecdote about his time spent on Exmoor.

We would like to thank Collyer Bristow Gallery for putting on such a wonderful evening for all of our guests.

Our Poetry Prize 2017 received numerous entries and the quality of work was remarkably high. Entries were enjoyed by the judges and The London Magazine staff alike, and we would like to thank all applicants.

The winners were as follows:

First Place: Old Mother Moor by Sarah Westcott

Second Place: Aroi by Roisin Kelly

Third Place: Panic by Michael Henry


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