The following piece is published as part of our TLM Young Writers series, a dedicated section of The London Magazine‘s website which showcases the work of exceptional young talent aged between 13-21, from the UK and beyond.

Leemar Sheriff

Destined Fate

“Why so serious?” they all asked
They watched, dead, as time passed
They were unaware of life and of the blast
About to surround them lightning fast
The truth forced them to wear identical, blank masks
And they waited until the storm passed at long last
The aftermath forced their faces to remain aghast
Because no one decided to listen to the wise fantast
No one listened to the wise fantast
They sought revenge in books, stories and tales
Not knowing to their coffin, they were hammering nails
They carried on in circles, chasing their tails
Until a sudden wind carried forward their sails
They searched, confused, for the unknown confidante
“Who are you? Who are you?” an echo reflected their chants
But to their questions was the answering silence
And they resorted to threaten the helper with violence
As a consequence of their ungratifying actions,
The wind crashed the ship, the rocks coerced compactions
They pleaded, they begged, they prayed, they cried
All to no avail, their prayers came in with the tide
They looked for a guide, a law they could abide
To help them survive the cold and icy nights
The castaways began to face their doomsday
The once baby blue sky turned fossil grey
No one was safe, no one could face
The truth of how they spent their days
What they had decided, what they became
No one could escape their destined fate
In the end their helper provided their shelter
Only the true remained, untamed, unashamed, unclaimed
Survival of the Fittest or just plain luck?
The helper laughed, awestruck.

Leemar Sheriff is a fifteen year old student from London. She loves space, astronomy computer science, music and writing poems.

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