tlm editions_0001_thumbnail-10“Edward Lucie-Smith’s collection, ‘Making for the Exit’, explores how experience shapes poetry, and how voice is a balancing act between the past and present selves. Lucie-Smith’s poetry is a network of voices, reflecting the nature of personal poetry through an eclectic mix of stark imagery, sensuous description and bare truths. This is poetry you can feel.” – Holly Howitt

“Edward Lucie-Smith’s poems form a Janus collection looking backwards and forwards at once. Sharp, sweet, sour, sad and noble – they go boldly.” – Steven O’Brien

Making for the Exit is a collection of 32 poems by renowned art critic Edward Lucie-Smith.


This collection also includes exclusive woodcuts from the Artist Joe Machine and an introduction by the former Arts Minister Grey Gowrie.


About the Author

Edward Lucie-Smith was born in 1933 at Kingston, Jamaica. He moved to Britain in 1946, and was educated at King’s School, Canterbury and Merton College, Oxford. He is now an internationally known art critic and historian, who is also a published poet and a practising photographer. He has published more than a hundred books in all, chiefly but not exclusively about contemporary art. A number of his art books are used as standard texts throughout the world. Among the languages in which they have appeared are Chinese, Arabic and Farsi.

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