Olive Dehn Seven Poems

Michael Hamburger Dowland Again

Derek Stanford West Dean

Paul Grooves The Audience

Carole Satyamurti Two Poems

Donald Goodbrand Saunders Ballad of the Myth-Kitty

Wynn Wheldon Two Poems

Jeremy Reed Paula Stratton

Karen Eberhardt-Shelton Two Poems

Aiden Andrew Dun Bulldozers

Matt Barnard Noah Drifting

Robin Ford The Oxus the Indus & the Aral Sea



Samuel Todd Momma Girl

Henry Peplow Master Sunny

Stephen Mark Cox Tinkerbell



Susannah Woolmer on Kandinsky

Geoffrey Godbert The Poems of Lucio Piccolo

Robert Dando The Music of György Ligeti

Eva Salzman The Sad Case of Anis Shivani

Jessica Chaney Interview with Bill Viola

Helena Nelson on Eddie’s Own Aquarius


John Whitworth on Edward Lear

Duncan Bush on Pearson’s Voltaire

Alan Wall on Bob Dylan

Niccóló Milanese on Boland, Strand, & Ford

William Oxley on Dannie Abse

Robert Carver on Glyn Hughes

Herbert Lomas on Collins, Gross, McLoughlin, O’Reilly & Park

Jeremy Reed on Grevel Lindop

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