David Holbrook A Death

Brian Pattern Saint Peter & the Devil

Andy Croft Too Much

Neil Ferguson Two Poems

Jay Ramsay Mdina

Hilary Llewellyn-Williams From a Stone

Nigel McLoughlin Two Poems

Stella Davis Caffè delle Arti

Niall McDevitt Two Poems

Gary Allen To the Barmouth

Emil Wren Secrets of the Stars

David Sergeant Two Poems

Mary E. Frye Do Not Stand At My Grave

John Donne Holy Sonnet VII


Peter Wayne Gaybaitin’

Jay Merill Yellow Plastic Shoe

Jai Clare The Lightest Blue



David Andrew Platzer on Bob Fass & Bob Dylan

Charles Avery Drawings about o

Augustus Young on Madge Herron

Peter Snow on George Orwell

Daniel Libeskind ‘Space of Encounter’

Nigel Foxell A Sermon in Stone



Jeremy Reed on David Riggs

Rodger Cadwell on Wittgenstein & religion

Richard Rudgley on David Parry

James W. Wood on Andrew Crumey

Fred Inglis on George Steiner & Peter Abbs

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