On the evening of 16th March, The London Magazine‘s editor, Steven O’Brien, launched his most recent book, Britannic Myths at Shapero Rare Books. Published by Theme Artefact, Britannic Myths is a collaboration in prose and painting between Mythographer Steven O’Brien and Stuckist artist Joe Machine, who together have delved into the mythic matter of Britain and Ireland.

Marina Warner writes of Britannic Myths:

Steven O’Brien has forged a word-music to match the strange, fierce magic tales seething in the great local pot of archipelagic stories. He rightly notices that classical myths and European fairy tales have eclipsed this fabulous source, and in a rich counterpoint of memory, poetic and dramatic retelling, historic comment, and remarkable paintings by Joe Machine, this highly original sequence of fifteen stories reconnects our present to an effaced past of marvellous, unsettling  imagination. Weirdness and glamour and faerie are old words meaning knowledge and enchantment and dazzlement; Britannic Myths reawakens their power.

Britannic Myths will be available to buy on our shop in the coming weeks.

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