Sun and moonlight
scattered in furrows,
only red clay remembers
turning blade of plough
while iron soon forgets
casual stone

It is here I hear
green woodpecker sawing
through leaf-drained air
while trees raise their
chlorophyll arms to
God knows where

We are a measure of this moment
here at the ear of twilight,
shadowed furrows heeling
to the dark

John Danvers is an artist, writer and recently retired associate-professor of philosophy and art practice at Plymouth University. Since publishing in Iconolatre and other magazines in the 1960s, his poems have appeared in artworks exhibited internationally, and in his two books: Picturing Mind (Rodopi, 2006) and Agents of Uncertainty (Rodopi, 2012). New poems will be published in the next issues of: Urthona – Journal of Buddhism and the Arts; The Cannon’s Mouth; and Poetry Salzburg Review. John is Buddhist chaplain at Exeter University. Website:

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