The sea rang
Round my seven white years.
I listened to the horizon
To catch Aphrodite’s song.
Perhaps some miracle.

In the distance
Waves pushed the flesh forward.

We had pilgrimaged to this birthplace;
To the dry-boned hermit’s shrine,
Touching holy water
Which had once given voice
To a dumb man.

The flesh was blue-patched
The drowned man floated in

My skin jumped once
Mouth filled with teeth
Fingers pressed my eyes into their sockets.
They towed the cramped weight over rocks.

Identified with a laugh
Bruised and bearded by the sea
He brought relief
       the crazy man, the crazy man
       crossed in love, lost in love

The crazy man wandered villages
Singing poems.

His final poem frothed
Pure white from his tight lips.
They covered him in a blue blanket.

My mother sprinkled holy water over the sea
In my hair

The sea sang.

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