Alex Shearer the great unworn

Peter Abbs Unending Journey

Anthony Caleshu Portrait: Rinaldo Rinaldini, Captain of Banditti

D W Brydon Two Poems

Patrick Hicks After the First Performance of Hamlet

Ben Wilkinson Lights Out

Rhian Edwards Marital Visit

Matthew Stewart Milko

James Dufficy Richard and Judy Go to the Bookshop

John Gohorry Extracts from From the slopes of Mount Rozan

Mandana Mashayekhi Goyonloo Untitled

Rufo Quintavalle Nowhere special

Ruth O’Callaghan Two Poems

Alexis Lykiard Often On The Menu

Matthew Sweeney Haiku for my Father

Julian Colton IT (Doesn’t Phone Home)



Cynthia Rogerson A Dangerous Place

Rebecca Burns A Pickled Egg


Bridget Khursheed The New Taxidermy or the Upside Down Walrus

Seth-Smith talks to Lemn Sissay

Aoife Mannix Mud, music and words

Victoria Manthorpe Pathways to Art

Oliver J. Dimsdale talks to Michael Simmons Roberts



Nicholas Royle Roeg’s Gallery 

Richard Aronowitz on Robert Vas Dias and Joe Dunthorne

Ade Jackson on Denis Johnson

Christopher Horton on Chris McCabe and Simon Barraclough

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