Rachel McKibbens Tomboy

Martha Kapos Eros at Wimbledon

Nigel Prentice Night Ferry

Kyle Groom Snow Angel

Ann Williams Two Poems

Andrew McMillan Translated Love Letters

Cath Drake Closer

Wendy French Two Poems

Naomi Foyle Cyberflirt

Shinn Razavian Two Poems

Ghareeb Iskander Muted Questions



Chrissie Gittins Red Grapes

Anthony Howcroft When All The World Shines



Michael Carlson Naked Lunch: A 50-Year Addiction

Chris Mooney-Singh Six Poets from Singapore, a Global Hothouse

Stephen Maughan A Witness to The Empty Sky

Felix L. Petty The Off Modern: Phantoms under Tatlin’s Tower

Matthew Scott Literary Anniversaries: 1759

Kiran Toor Learning to Look: The Art of Kit Williams

Michael Blackburn Poets on Politics: Education, Education, Education



Nicholas Royle Le septieme art

Heather Taylor The Best of British: Salon Summer Gallery 2009

David Floyd Comi-Kazi: Juggling the Jokes and the Serious Poetry

Jan Goodey Rebel Songs

Leah Fritz Riding The Red Horse

William Shutes Small Vanishing Acts

VR Main Excavating the Proto-Feminist

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