Lacustrine love is
A merging – two feelings:

Sweet catching of a hundred waters
Plash of the blue and green
Cool rush, glimmer and settle
The reconciliation of these two old rivers

Renouncing the Dramamine
Our still silver cocoon
A lattice of flumes


A dark green punch-bowl
The bending of moments and light
Crushing minnows and water boatmen
Choking algal bloom

This fish-tank encases that image
Eyes watertight, fastened
Breath’s shingle from pulped lung
Tumbling upwards.

The swelling surface
A lustrous gleam.
This is introspection
And not clairvoyance.page65image21816

This is Disgorgement:
I start to separate the silt from the sense

This poem was awarded second place in The London Magazine’s Young Poets Competition 

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